sábado, 5 de fevereiro de 2011

Depression - Testimony

I don't wish this even to my worst enemy

Because it torments you, it destroys
It makes you think dark and horribly.
Like you're sinking...

It kills. Worst thing is,
When it kills it is mostly by your own hands
But not on your own thoughts or will.

Like one friend said to me :
[...] A parasite meant to bring pain and suffering
By plaging your thoughts and ruin relationships
Because you think you are so alone...
You start thinking you're worthless....
That no one cares. A vicious cycle.

And you might just have it all
Be good looking
And having a good/healthy weight.
Friends, a partner/other half,
A successful or at least honest career
A loving or at least caring family...

[...] It is hard even to write this
I had forbidden myself from such negativity
As it isn't personally healthy for myself
But I want to raise some awareness on this.

We have to stay strong
Even when thoughts
(Or as others have voices...)
Tell us otherwise.

We are strong enough by going this far already
By opening up. By sharing.
By accepting help...which I took a year to accept.
By taking a step to get treated.

He told me...we are fighters
For we have daily chalenges.
So and finishing... whoever in this situation
Know you're not alone nor that
you aren't the only one with such troubles.
We are together in this...

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