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About Fast Food

What is my opinion on fast food?
I personally eat it rarely not on a daily routine
Or oftenly. Like, once per month , maybe less.
However, everyone has their own opinion regarding it
Some love it, others hate it and on some other cases
They go and eat with some friends (also known as socially)

I suppose I never went totally alone to Mc.
One is more likely to bring family, friends along...
Another strong tool is advertising
Something most companies USE and DO to attract costumers
I know mostly Mc Donalds BUT there is KFC amongst others ;
It is like a chain in ways.

I've seen a post somewhere about a person sueing MC Donalds
Because the person got fat.
There are menus for children (happy meals)
There are even soups, sallads, healthier drinks.
They are trying to find other ways to have customers
The company IS thinking of the customers,
From children up to adults.

About that story, the company is not to blame
They only are responsible for the advertisement part
They do not force people to go and buy their products.

Truths and Myths on Fast Food companies
The animal cruelty :
* I saw a couple of videos on this matter
It does not make me feel happy at all
Yet I know there is a food chain
Us , as humans do need to eat

And some animals are in our food chain along with other stuff.
BUT if we are to kill animals to eat lets at the very least
Not torture them and make them not suffer THAT much.
The videos are awful.

[...] It is basically it and this is my opinion
I believe people still have a word on every matter
They have the power to choose
And the opinion of whether you like something or not.

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