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Self Injury - Cover Scars?

I'ld like to give my opinion on the matter.
Although I will work further
On the Social and Society section/page
Because I do like to give my opinion[s] on subjects
And I kinda enjoy being updated on stuff.

This one...
As I previously said *or not*
Since 2008 and late 2009
And parts of 2010...
I was a self injurer (or as most call, a cutter)
Although there are other ways of s.h.

According to this...
That happened I tried to cover the cuts up

By wearing these :
p.s.: Most images are online
All the rights belong to their owners.

- ...Multiple

Then with few of these too...

- Never had or wore these...
(Animal or mostly known as silly bands)
Although I know several teens use them nowadays
And were or are a "trend"
They were never attractive to me or anything.

This one is interesting...
It's made with pins and beads.
Then something to put them together

There is this video on a red bracelet
Made of those for self harm awareness.
When I have the time AND when I find the video
I shall post it here. Along with a tutorial
If I find it as well.

Note : It belongs to its rightful owners
NOT me. I am only sharing.

- Rarely these two...
(Which are both rubber bracellets)

And I wore this one...

- Wristband.
They cover the wrist only as the name says.
*I will post the image when I get home*

- Pandora Bracelets.
I absolutely am fascinated by these
They are soo pretty
But I do not know if they are expensive
OR not.

Note :
As an alternative...
...You can make your own jewelry.
Good luck ! :D

As for more on covering up...

- Armwarmers
Some go for this option
Whether for fashion/own style,
Casually or for covering up their cuts or scars
Some can be purchased at stores
Others make them out of socks *true*
If they do have the skill for it.

(It varies according to your country)
But most likely you can purchase it
At stores like claires, hot topic,...
Depending on the style.

Alternative style?
Most likely on online, local stores
Hot Topic and Claires.

Others styles?
Try out known stores...
For example Forever 21, Accesorize,
Pimkie, Biju Briggite, Zara, BSK...
OR even online.

- Gloves
There are a lot of gloves around!
Which can be...

- Gloves w/ fingers
These are pretty casual.
And they can cover for short periods of time
The hands and just a bit of the wrist.

- Fingerless gloves

- Lace Gloves

p.s. I loved this one! OMG :o

- Fishnet gloves

- Knitted gloves / armwarmers
You can either buy them already
OR make them yourself.
Depending on your patience, skills and/or money.

- Others...

Make up?
I NEVER personally done this but on some videos
Some people cover their scars
By using foundations or concealers
Around the already scar

To hide/cover it up
I don't think that has a very effective result
Plus it is make up anyways...

Sleeves / Legs ?
You can consider wearing sleeves around the winter/autumn time
Well BEFORE summer and the heat actually starts
Otherwise not only people might find it odd
But you might have some hard times
So it is adviced to wear armwarmers
And such as I pointed out above.

As for the legs it is a troubled story
In case you're a boy in the meantime you can consider
Wearing jeans and few times shorts;

But if you are a girl...
You can either use jeans
Or choose between :

Collants OR leggings...
They are good options too.
As for the leggings there are some that kinda
Imitate jeans and aren't THAT warm
So they are wearable.

At the pool OR beach
You can try for a while to wear a *pareo.

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