segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

My Current Job.

I decided to share this out to you as an example.
I work as a secretary / recepcionist in Portugal
In a car rent company here.

I started in the previous week
One of my ads was answered.
I said to the person I'ld call between 14h - 15h
But then I thought it could be late (I got worried)
And called earlier than expected.

Basically my functions are :
+ Taking care of documents / paperwork (as a secretary)
(By so I mean going to the social security,
Store of the citizen...)

+ Receiving/Sending mail
And receiving/sending emails.

+ Making and receiving phone calls.

+ Printing things I believe as well;
(I have a printer/fax machine/scanner next to me)
(A all in one by HP) So that is just a guess.

+ Attending any possible customers / public
While I'm in the garage/stand of car renting
(As a recepcionist) I have my desk.

+ Make sure the space where I am in is clean
By desk and that whole room I'm in.
If it is not clean, to clean it.
Specially at Autumn, with leafs
Going in and out of the garage.

I like it.
By now it has been much peaceful
I haven't met much co-workers as I'm working
In a garage; most are mechanics
And people who arrive to repair the place.
I do wonder if I am going to have any co-workers
Or if anyone will be coming soon.
I haven't had any custumers either.

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