terça-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2011

High Standards?

Correct me if I'm wrong ;
But I think that some people
Are too demanding on looks.

For example let's take *me* :
The opinion some people, mostly amongst boys is that
I look pretty, cute, beautiful ect.

Without glasses on while
WITH glasses few were dissapointed with who they saw.
Is it any diferent?

My personality does not change
Wether I'm with or without glasses :)

That is fact number one.
Which true, few people notice is what I carry inside
Such as traces of personality
(Respecting, caring...)

My point of view is...
Girls do NOT need to wear tons of makeup
Extensions, fake eyelashes, lots of jewelry,...
Or to cake their face with makeup ...to feel beautiful
Or even tanning
(which "overdozed" not only looks "fake" but orangy too

And if you do want to get tanned
Choose a healthy way for it, protect yourself
Because the sun is more and more dangerous
With all the damage at the ozone/atmosphere.

You don't need to go straight to a diet
If someone calls you fat.

Yet and however you think you have a little more weight,
Go to a doctor (nutricionist)
And both of you can find a secure, healthy way/plan
To have a nice AND stable weight.

Fact : Some or most of the girls that go into diet
Are in their normal/acceptable weight
According to their height too.

And boys do not need to work out too much
Or having great muscles/abs . Or even flirt/impress girls.
At least to me that is not atractive.
Chilvary (typo?) is needed. It is not dead yet.
At least I hope in so.

It can be all like a mirror :
People are 50% (or more) likely to treat YOU well
If you treat them well.

Last, but definately not least :
Embrace your body and boost on your qualities
It will make a diference.
And that new light WILL be seen and noticed.
God bless.

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