segunda-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2011

Helping out someone

I've been thinking about this a long it
It actually when I think TOO hard
It kinda makes me angry.
...I do trip and fall often.
Rainy weather now and then
The heels? Or the slippery floor?
Or is it me? Whatever.

Let's say I almost fell from all the stairs in the subway
They are around 10, maybe more than that...
Luckily (according to circunstances)
I slipped and fell from 4 steps.
I hurt my leg slightly along.
It got better in the afternoon.

Again it is NOT my point the fact that I fell
My point is about the ammount of people
That were behind me and in front of me
And NO ONE (yes none of them) said anything
Or has done anything.

I "condemn" other atitudes like...
Whenever someone has an accident
Or whenever there is a fight

People gather around in a circle or a little crowd
And spread rumors, comments ect. regarding it
But when someone asks for witnesses
They all vanish.

Come on, is that hard to help people out??
Whether they are young or old
Or just in trouble or hurt.
...Are people THAT selfish?

Do people just mind their own business?
Maybe both , maybe only one.
I'm not only speaking of my experience
But on others too.

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