quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Having a Admirer

When you hear the word "admirer"
What do you think of it?
Something romantic , right?
Flowers, notes...

My thought :
A *highly* stubborn person seeking for your love
Or something else.
So...by my experience I had a few ones.

1. One in 6th grade a year older than me
Highly annoying. Singing Heidi songs XD :o
Not atractive. He was around me from that time
I rejected him (can't fake feelings so I am honest)
So I knew him and went to school with him.
That until the end of highschool;

2. I was commited and around 11th/12th grade;
The "admirer" was 14 O_O ;
I was chased around for over a year and some months
And even after the break up between me and my ex.
He faked to the point of saying he had lost memory.
He would get in between any person I had feelings for
Or any person I was with.

3. Some weird episode.
This like a year or two ago
I was added by a adress called "oteuadmiradorsilvia"
Gosh. It sounded creepy as he said he used to see me
And watch me around on school breaks.

4. Other. He's 30.
My friend (she calls me best friend,sister and so)
Said "What if he is a pedo??I don't want to lose you!"
Coffee to movies invitations; Denied.

5. Yesterday there was another person for interview
He looked at me and anyways said he liked to meet me
Called my company phone and said he'ld like to know me better
Maybe go out or have a coffee.
"What had to happen would happen".
I said : I'm only into friendships
(And I am faithful to my bf)

* More of a fml... WHY!! *
I have to put one big poster saying
18 and commited.
Maybe they think I'm older or something. :o

My friend justified the rather odd events :
"You're nice, and you have a pretty face and smile
If I was a man you wouldn't escape from me too *x'D*
[...] the only thing keeping you from thinking that
about yourself are your depression crisis"

Conclusion : I have really bad luck!
And ironically when I'm taken it is when this happens XD.

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