segunda-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2011

First Job?

After five, maybe six months of hard searching
And CV delivery...I was finally able to settle down
And find a (my first) job.

I am personally and professionally happy about it
Let's see how things go later on.
I'll hope for the best!
As I now know and am aware that nowadays
It is very difficult to find a job.

It's not just delivering the CV through via internet
OR even by the hand and by personal presence.
It takes much more;

My inicial tips and talking on the subject
Can be found on a post called
"Facing the Job World".

Let's go deeper on the subject then :
+ First of all, I wish you (whoever reads this)
That is searching for a first, second, part time job
OR graduating to later on find a job...
Good luck ! Many prayers to you.

+ As I mentioned previously looks do matter to companies
Or to whoever is going to see YOU from the company.
You might know people DO have opinions ;
And might as well leave a good impression at start :)

+ BIG mistake : Do not take your job for granted
After being accepted the first interview.
I personally have done so and told the family

BUT and AND there was a second phase
Which I (unfortunately) didn't passed.

But now...I'm in a better situation now!
I believe the same can happen to you.
Keep up an optimistic thought and perspective
(I know it is hard ; I struggled for so
But it is not impossible)

Boss and Co-Workers :
+ Be relaxed towards them.
Not TOO RELAX but do have a posture of respect
(At least I do not...) Do not ask too many questions
Or give orders to them.
I'm much of an obeying person,
And so far, it has been going well.

+ Listen to what your boss says
In order not to question about something that
Has been already talked through.

+ Respect your Boss
And DO respect your co-workers (if you have co-workers).
If you want/have the desire to be respected
You have to respect others first.
If (in other hand) they disrepect you

Do not go along
And do not argue while in your workplace.
Most of all, do not (well it is better to avoid) involve
Personal problems with job issues.
It can be quite a mess if you do so
And you can be in risk of being fired.

Keep in mind (or as I do) keep an agenda near you
It is proven to be very useful (at least for me)
In case of any near reunion or even any schedule changes.
As I refered previously, pay attention to your email account
How you organize it and such.

Other Cases
Part Time or Full Time?
Choose only one...

But consider your personal situation
- If you are a student and want to work part time
To earn some money.

+ You can do little things and earn money by
Working in a clothes shop
Restaurants, post offices, babysitting,
Taking care of elderly people,
Delivering newspapers or mail to places
There are so many things...!
(Specially during vacations/holidays)

- If you graduated
And you're looking for a good job

- If you're looking forward
To go to the military (navy, army, airforce)
There are websites for such purpose.
(Maybe...might be diferent
From country to country)

It is a matter of searching and interest.
However in a case of a job at night or shifts
My advice is to be careful
(If it is a dangerous neighborhood/zone)

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