domingo, 9 de janeiro de 2011

End in 2012?

(OR So they say...)

1.1. Believers/Christians point to a Renewal
And Arrival of Christ on Earth to save some
Others point to an Appocalypse to come.

1.2. Einstein had a theory (either him or Nostradamus)
Of a Meteor hitting Earth, and that as we know it
Would cease to exist.

1.3. Then there is the "famous"
And ancient Mayan Callendar.
It points to 21 December 2012
And 12 Popes, being this one now
Maybe the one before the last
If not The Last.

1.4. Some come with videos spreading fear
Others leaving prayers and faith ;

1.5. Others do point to the apearance of the AntiChrist.

1.6. At last others speak of many events to happen :
- Natural catastrophies (floods,hurricanes, earthquakes and dry spots);
- Diseases (famine/starvation, flu)
- Lack/End of supplies (food and water);
- Increase of wars/terrorism and political issues;
- Serious Issues regarding Global Warming.
- Inversion of South/North Poles.

1.7. Even "Survival Kits" exist for the Future in about a year.


My Opinion :

1.1. I still believe there is an afterlife
Therefore I believe I will meet someone there
Whether it is God or relatives of me.

1.2. I'm not crashing down this theory
but I'ld go to believe in scientific,
Present facts not a prediction
Made by someone from years
...And years back.

1.3. It is really known this one;
Not meaning to bash their theory
By 100% but they did not had
The same technology, gear and gadgets that we have now.
And yes some facts did occur.
It does not mean that this will go as they said.
They were said to predict many things
Yet they probably did not predict the end
Of their own civilization.

1.4. I saw this once...
Everyone (OR almost everyone!) was terrified
With the arrival of the New Millenium
(2000 at that time)
A lot of rumours were spread,
Terror/horror was unleashed
Still , after eleven years...
We are still standing and going.

1.5. In order to believe in a God and Good
We must believe in something Bad and Evil as well
I see it in the way people act.
They can do GOOD or EVIL actions
Which define later the rewards OR consequences of those
I don't believe that there
Would be someone absolutely AS GOOD as Christ on Earth
Nor anyone as BAD as whoever is symbol of great evil
...Such as an AntiChrist on Earth.
There is no need for AntiChrists.
For some, already are
Destructive enough with their actions.

1.6. True. Natural catastrophies are taking place ;
It is nothing new. Resources can deplete.
But Earth has a certain ability to Heal.
It won't if us human beings keep destroying more
And in a larger scale...
Diseases have always existed since I remember
Still with all this polution we are struggling

Serious Global Warming, that one would be possible
As I said due to the high escale
Of waste and pollution thrown to the Atmosphere.
Wars and Terrorism are one way to Chaos
And to lead to killings not the absolute end of the world
...As we know it;

I personally do not believe in the inversion of poles.
This Earth is proven to be spining around
Not standing still.

1.7. Why? Business Purposes?
The world is ending...
Let's go buy
A Survival Kit a year before this,
Just in case!

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