quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Being in a LDR

I've met this special person on 19/July/09.
I wasn't expecting anything else
Besides a good friendship
I wasn't expecting at all
And tho I've met him well, online...
I want to actually meet him
He is that worth it. Or so I believe.

Sandy ^^ diz (18:27):
tenho uma amiga que ta ca em portugal e o namorado na holanda
e eles tem aguentado ah 2 anos e ela agora vai ter com ele

Translation : I have a friend that is here in portugal
and the boyfriend in holland and they have been holding for 2 years
and she now is going to go *meet/reach for* him.

[...] Truth is, we went through a LOT.
Distant or not, we were that strong to make it through
SO no one has the right, out of nothing
To tell me, to tell him or telling us
It is not going to work.
Some say it won't have a future.

Whoever can ENDURE distance...the lonely nights
The talking of people and lack of support
Will be able to succeed. Comunication IS key.
And trust is NEEDED. For a ldr or non-ldr.

I am in one. Fortunally I have the support from my family
Few know but they approve and support.
They know he is no 40yr old man or anything like (lol)
But the same age as me.

Conclusion :
Before bashing a Ldr...
Try knowing the actual story behind it
And few really are able to meet
And reach what they wanted/were reaching for.
Few[er] have the patience to endure so.
It is possible if YOU want IT.

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