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Befriending Someone

I decided to write this post for whoever needs it.
Anytime it can happen.
Imagine, for instance, you either :

a) Aren't much social

b) Just feel like meeting new people

c) Are *scared or shy about making (new) friends;

Note : If you did developted or had a previous
(or even have had a sequence of) bad experiences
The person is likely to be less social and
Shy towards others. I have my point of view...
And afterwards my opinion/sugestions on the matter.

Point of View :
On school I was much considered what people can call
An *outcast or a loner ;
Specially at highschool due to bullying
I started to isolate. I am confortable to speak about it now
Nearly openly to others as it is over already.

One of my great friendships started because I was reading
A book! (rather boring I must add)
And she went and talked with me.
We know eachother for like
5 maybe almost 6 years now.

[...] People often did left me behind
Or labeled me. It is how it works mostly on high school
Even middle school. I know there is cruelty
There are events that can hurt or scar
But I know too that YOU ARE STRONGER than any of that
So, put that head up and high.

As for the rest of the point of view
I then made it through;
I started talking with people
Even from small to casual/simple things
You don't have to think too much
To start a conversation.


My opinion and sugestions...
I will search and post some links :
A group on facebook called Friends to Friends Hotline:
+ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=249833533215

Check this out too if you want :
+ http://www.friendshipgroup.net/
I will search for more stuff when I do have the time.

+ http://www.friendsandfamilyforum.com/

In the meantime my sugestions
Are to :

* Mostly search out through forums
(Chatrooms NO because some of them
Aren't trustworthy)

* Random maybe forums where you
...Do have some knowledge on
Like politics, gaming, health, artworks
Or even support forums.

* Social groups or joining a sport/activity you enjoy
For that inform yourself in school
We have SPO in here
(Serviço de Psicologia e Orientação
Translation - Orientation & Psychology Service)

* Social networks and websites like :
Facebook, Myspace, Twitter,
Hi5, Hyves, Myyearbook,
Youtube, Blogger, ect.

* Going out to events, parties
(In a moderate non-dangerous way)
Concerts, amusement parks,
Church, sport associations
A book or game that was released
Even Cosplays!

* If it becomes too much
As a fear or fobia
Try to speak to your local/regular psychologist.
It can be a start already.

Searching and reaching for help
Isn't something to be embarassed or scared of.
Focus on yourself and needs above all.
Do not forget studies in any case as well.

Something else .
It can all start with a conversation.
Believe it. Don't lose hope.
The maintaining a(-) conversation(s)
Will be going on other post
On the *Social Secction in this blog.

I can search and advice
Plus maybe post some users
Who can have experience
And/Or have further sugestions on the matter too.
Hope this was helpful and good luck!

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