sábado, 11 de dezembro de 2010

Updates .

My personal journey in order
To find a stable, decent job is still going.
Hope this gets solved soon.
Plus I've been now and then around my journal
(It is online too) and there I believe
I can write most of my thoughts there
The good and bad ones.
Nearly every step of my life.

I only do not write it out in here because...
It is not that the purpose of this/my blog
In this case, Life blog.
Plus I've been stressed and busy :3

Still, I am aware that there haven't been
Much updates on this. I did not forgot this
And (yet) I have no thoughts of erasing this blog
As I know and still somewhat believe
That the blog can somehow, somewhere reach someone
Someone CAN read this.

If I save one person or make someone happier
Then my work is done.
The point of the blog has came across.

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