domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

A Message...

To whoever is considering or contemplating Suicide.
I personally never had anyone close to me or a loved one
Doing it and completing it.

Therefore, I had witnessed people talking with me
About their problems, about what bothered them
About even what they were contemplating
It is not about pretending the problem isn't there
It is about facing it, talk with the person
But more even, about understanding
Lending a hand.

You are worth it.
You are placed here for a reason
Never give up (L)

I was around youtube...and I checked some old messages
I bumped into one I sent nearly a year ago.
It was about a guy with a daugther and so
Who really wanted to die
I usually try to reach for people

And I thought "why not try to help?"
p.s: I do not know if the person is or not alive
Nor if he read the message.

Whoever comes across these posts
Such as this one... I want you to think
And read carefuly...

Note : Please , do not judge.
It is from 22/12/09 .
So it has over a year ago....

-- A year later, now that I read what I wrote
And reflected about it...
It gives you a other point of view on Life.
I did not recognized myself writting this
And all of a sudden seeing things this way
I could have been somehow right about it...
It is another point of view...
There it is, a message I wrote
I decided to share here --

Hi.. I don't know if
I'm bothering by sending and writing this ='$
Hello...I'm 17yrs old..
And once I was to kill myself
due to severe bullying in the past and scars left by that.

What if I did? We wouldn't be talking,
I mean, I wouldn't be here messaging,
I would lose the new friends
I've made and that lend me a helping hand
and too the old ones that known me for a long time.
My parents would be devastated
and nothing would replace a daughter.
I would have lost moments in life that were treasured.
Think about it, please.

I would like to tell you to keep fighting
for your children, as they love you trully
And you as a father, know that better than anyone.
Nothing can replace the love of a child
and the love of parents.

Love and living are the best gifts someone can offer.
Better than any other thing in this world.
Don't give up, seek help and advicing.
Please, death is not a way.
And the pain you once had would go
to the hearts of the ones you love.

Have you thought of how would your children feel,
And your family and friends feel if you were gone?

And too I noticed the people from here , they are worried about you.
They care. I don't know you, but I care too and i'm not here to judge.
I just would like you to read this and read carefully this message
and some of the comments people left you here on Youtube.

Life is and can be hard, but it's not impossible to achieve goals
Sometimes vision gets blurry
and it's hard to cope with so many feelings
and emotions at the same time,
but there are other ways to cope with pain,
methods such as writting, drawing, painting,
Working somewhere, and creating stuff too.
And being rewarded by that.
Set goals, things you want and wish to do in your life.

As someone once said
"Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem"
I mean, there is no turning back if you do so =,(

If you ever need to talk, anything
You can message me here.

Best wishes for you,
x Silvy

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