domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

Inspiring Song II

I was checking out some songs of some series
Then I bumped into songs from Plumb (a Christian band)
This one caught my interest...
Not only for the meaning implied,
But it had some interesting quotes in it as well
It is amazing... *-*

Personal Comment :
There are two quotes I disagree a little
Depends on the point of view,
But I found them a little depressing.
Like one that says :

1. "We are born alone, we live alone,
We die alone...Only through our love and friendship
We create the illusion that we are not alone".

A : It is not an illusion.
When we are born we are with our family,
The first persons we see when we open our eyes
Are our parents :)

2. "People won't remember what you did
People won't remember what you said
But people will remember how you made them feel"

A : In the hearts of whoever trully loves you
You will not be forgotten.
You will be treasured.
And memories of you, cherished. (L)

Important Note : This song belongs to it's rightful owner
The video belongs to it's author.
I do not claim it as my own, I'm only sharing :)
So , here it is ...

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