quinta-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2010

Facing the "Job World"

"Success is a journey,
Not a destination".

I saw this quote in a portrait...
A landscape with a quote on it.
I decided to share it with you... ^^

It isn't easy.
Like someone said to me, the economy is pretty bad.
However, DO NOT let that bring you down.
Nothing is impossible and aim for your dreams
They say the good, sucessful persons are the ones
Who once were big dreamers.

Put faith in it, in case you believe.
Put your effort as well...
Believe it or not, I've been around 14 diferent sites
Searching for a job plus few stores...
I took 5 to 6 months but I think I made it now.

Now my advices...
1 - Do a account (if you want, optional)
For your work/professional stuff.
Use that adress to reply to job offers
Or for employers/companies to reach you.

* So, it'll help you organize
...That way you are less likely to mix personal emails
With stuff related to your job search or future company
Or doing mistakes while you're sending a reply...
Of something personal/informal
To a company...*

2 - Confidence in front of others.
Don't give up.

3 - Being polite too.
Not too much...
Otherwise it'll give the wrong impression...

4 - Being honest.

5 - Not dressing too formal NOR too sloppy.
I personally don't mind much looks
But they do...!

6 - Having copies of the resumé (aka CV) at hands
Plus a copy of your documents or School certificate...
You'll never know if you will need it or not.

7 - You got to think you're there for the job
And not mind for possible competition
If you focus on the competition and others
You will most likely get nervous. So don't.

8 - Careful with the information you give out.

9 - Value your qualities! :
- Whether is a sport you done in the past,
- A association you were in, diplomas, ect.
- Artistic related hobbies, languages you know/speak,
- The datas you were in school, the subjects you had...
- Previous jobs and experience...Part-time jobs, ect.

10 - Magic Word :
Being immediately available.
They want to know people who are in
For working right away.
They are not for jokes nor indecisions
That's my explanation...
They seek someone serious
And willing to work.

Note * Choose and write wisely.
A well made Curriculum is a big chance
For them to accept you...Good luck !! :)

p.s.: Someone today sent me this...
"every dark mist,
there is always a sun rise
waiting to happen ^_^ "

...The person was right. **

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