segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Tatoos, Piercings and Modifications

Everyone has a diferent opinion on this
I do like certain tattoos in some areas of the body
And personally prefer tattoos with meaning ;

- If I could I would do one tattoo of the symbol "Life"
On my left wrist, a place where harm was made
Even near that I have some meanings for it.
More than that... I thought of wings (i'm doubting it now)
And a Key (L) (still with it in my mind (L))

- I do like and support the tattoos
With meaning/message in it.
I do think it is beautiful some, as art.
There are true masterpieces out there! :)

Piercings...yeah I like some.
But for instance I don't imagine getting anything except my ears.
Not into other types of body modification ;

Hair dyes, I like them .
If I could dye my hair any collour,
I would choose a light brown
Otherwise, I'm alright with my natural hair collour
I just dislike my hair length at the moment
But it'll grow out I guess...

Yet freedom of expression...
It is your life, your choices
As long as you are happy and okay with that
It's fine by me.
God bless ^^

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