sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Situations I

Well I was around myspace (as usual)
This PT person went all darth vader moment with me
It was funny but hella annoying as well

"With the power of my mind you will give
me your email and not so useful info about you"

Me : (wtf moment)
A Starwars guy...
XD If you want to talk, talk here

He said the messaging thing was slow
I said IM then.
He asked for my number service
I said 91. Nothing more.

He commented on my height...
- Are you really 1,46?
So short...

- And your (age)...you must be younger than that.
Me : Yes. and that is really my age.

- Criticized short people as less inteligent
and having less space for brain in the cranium/skull

Me, thought : [hmm.. according to studies short people
are more likely to have cardiac problems
as other problems. as for the part of those crappy things
short people have more oxygen in their brain
than tall people]

- Ó caralho, és comprometida. Bela merda.
Gajas comprometidas são tão úteis quando uma impressora sem tinta.
[F*ck, you're commited. Great sh*t.
Commited girls are as useful as a printer with no ink]

Me : Long story and that comment wasn't necessary.
Thought: At last someone read my f*cking profile --'
And that comment already shows the type of person he is
And I rather be a inkless but happy printer
Than a useless, criticizing printer...lmao --'

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