segunda-feira, 8 de novembro de 2010

Self Injury II

" She brushes the Compliments away...
While Insults ?
Are carved in her skin ".

Note : I saw this quote from an app
So this girl is the owner of the quote/verse
Not me. Take care ! (L)

Again I needed to rest ...
And think before writting
I'm back now and ready to talk at last.

Note to Key :
I'ld like to see a post
From you ;) (L)

Alright, my experiences with self harm
Began in my 10th grade
But got worse during the 12th
(Last grade of highschool)
Even after it kept on going...
I had some...stuff (mostly events)
That triggered me
Never images.

I was not the girl to call out for attention...
We mostly get called names and such
But not everyone who cuts is for attention!
As a matter of fact I used to cover up my cuts
Out of...Idk I did not wanted to be caught

I admit that sometimes I failed.
Not always the bracelets
Could hide the scars on my wrist
And definately not always the sleeve
Was able to cover up the ones in my arm

A advice : Don't even , don't ever start cutting.
It is hell, specially when you do it for relief.
As an exit/way out to certain problems...
Some people even get trapped
and addicted to cutting.

I had some reactions from people out of it
Most told me to stop ;

But the worse was my own mother.
She caught me twice. Once she saw my cuts.
Other time, she saw...I was speachless
And yes I was caught after cutting.
I had no bracelets on and it wasn't a easy situation

She grabbed me by the arms ;
She was shaking me over and over again.
Asking and screaming "Why...!"
In the same night she threatned
To take me to a psychiatrist.

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