sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Self Esteem II

Family was supposed to help isn't it?
So yesterday night I was already messed up
With those words between me and my sister;
She eventually left and we were to meet again
Besides my grandma
and brother on Sunday are to go to the movies.
I don't feel excited at all, to be honest.

My mom found me almost crying
She decided to ask me what was wrong
So I explained her...
(She used to be so understanding)

I explained how things aren't going exactly
Like what I expected...and like they were told.
I said I, more than anything want to furfill my dreams
Which I don't believe it'll be here.
She said that besides needing the money

I'ld need somewhere to stay and so,
Permitions, vacations...
So don't expect to be there in less time than a year

After that I put my head on the pillow
And what I was saving the whole day inside of me got out
She said "do not bring yourself down"
Petted my head and left.

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