sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

If you really knew me...

13 random things about me :

If you really knew me
You would know that...

1. ...I have a explainable and big fear
Of dissapointing and losing people
Specially if they mean a lot to me.

2. ...My self esteem falls easily
And drops to the floor
When I see someone who I believe
That might be way prettier and such than me.
My sister is one of those persons for example.

3. ...I am easy to hurt, hard to repair.
Pretty much that...
People get surprised
...About how easily I can be hurt.

4. ...I do not like violence at all;
I have my reasons. I prefer talking.
But when someone makes me really angry
I might do stuff without thinking...

5. ...I think I might be too caring
Towards people
Who don't care that much about me.

6. ...I do not like to have my body exposed
Specially at pools or beach...
I'ld be way happier if I was able
To put all of that behind and over with.
Still taking care of that. (L)

7. ...I like to help out people the best I can
When I can relate with the situation
Even if I don't know the person[s] ;

8. ...I have 5 projects :
- 2 proses (one done, another under construction)

- 3 poetry projects (one done, two under construction)
(Two in Portuguese, one in English)

...And I asked a good friend of me
To write a sort of biography :$
He agreed to do so :)

9. I used to really hate myself.
And had a phase when I hated others.
That is now gone, fortunately!

10. When I get too nervous or hurt
It's stupid but I can't avoid crying my eyes out
Or run to the nearest bathroom or isolated place.

11. I'm a girl that when she loves,
She really does. Only One person...
For one heart.
I do not cheat nor flirt.
My heart has already chosen him.
Call it or call me whatever you want...
My beliefs are all over this blog :$ (L)

12. Do not make me laugh
While I'm drinking...
You were warned! Lmao.

13. I am very self conscious of the way I walk
And recently that back (upper back)
People say that happens because I get shy (what the....)
Oh Lord... :((( But I want to correct both soon !
Because that's...something I hate...
Not helping and rather humiliating...!

Your turn now...
Took me quite some guts to admit these...
:) Take care.

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