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If I may ask...
What are your flaws ?

No one is perfect , that is a start on my p.o.v.
BUT for someone you might just be that.
(One person popped in my thoughts :$)

I consider as my flaws...
Physical :
- My way of walking,
- Those things only one or two persons know
- Bending my back... :/

Psichological :
- Dependable on others,
- Low self esteem,
- Easily hurt.

I personally had this experience in a app
And I did NOT expect to get the ammount of tags
That I have now and so...
This is the complete opposite of my opinion
On myself but oh well XD

My description :
Popularity: 6 Fans

Say you'll never leave me
'cause I need you so much... (K)

About Me:
- Sensitive && outgoing once in a a while...

- I am straight ;

- A helper not a trouble maker.
I really like to advice and meet people ^^
So, feel free to add, talk or send a message
I do reply and tag back...

- BUT I do NOT send nudes
I have self respect.

- Do not expect me to talk dirty either
I won't go that low on a app.
I am not that kind of girl
And whoever knows me well knows that (:

- I love to listen to music...
In fact I am sort of addicted to that *-*
Rock, HC and Dance/Nightcore.

- Writing is my main passion
Besides talking/going out with friends.

Who I'd like to meet:
- The One I love <3 Key.
- The bands I enjoy listening to :)
- Oli Sykes
- Nice, understanding people
Or persons that have stuff in common with me.

Note : I only use the app now to talk with people
1. I choose who I talk with.

2. I ignore who I don't want to talk with
Haha! Simple.

3. Dirty stuff and talking are a NO!
So max I replied was like "naughty"
This guy who said something first
Then he said "you like naughty men"
Me : No, not my type (lmao!)
Of course the person shut up
And my description says it all

4. I met 3 persons in here
That still I talk with them :
- Jordan (2nd bestie)
- Kathy
- Ryan

Main Tag :
- a glimpse of heaven

Mostly Tagged :
- gorgeous [71 persons]
- pretty [67 persons]
- cute [55 persons]

Favorite Tags :
- a true fallen angel
- beautiful insidenout
- charming young lady
- kindcaringthoughtful
- sweetest girl eva
- godess of beauty

Tags I do not like
Can be easily guessed. XD

Weird Tags...
The lick....one...
It was sent by a girl :S x,D
Then the scenequeen...
Alright ! I'm not scene (at all) XD

Here is the list...
-pretty, 2 gorgeous for words,
a true fallen angel, absolutely gorgeous,
adorable, amazingly beautiful, amazingly cute,
and ur eyes are amaz,
aw cuteii, aww really pretty, awww thanx,
beautiful, beautiful eyes,
beautiful eyes hair, beautiful insidenout,

beautifullybeyondit, beautifulrose, bold,
breathtaking beauti, charming young lady ,
cool, cute, cute as hell, cute smile, cuter,
cutie, dammm ma u hottz, ethereal beauty,

fuckable babe, godess of beauty, gorgeous,
gorgeous cutie, gorgeous eyes, gorgeouslikediamondz,
gorgeousverygorgeous, great hairstyle,
happy, happy b day cutie, hot,
icanmakeurbedrock, idkissurlips4hours,

kindcaringthoughtful, kissable lips, likeable,
maddd pretttyyy, maybe we can date,
my angel from heaven, near perfection,
nice pose x, not as much as u r,
outgoing, perfect babeee, perfect figure,

pretty, pretty and awesome, pretty eyes,
pretyyy eyes, quirky, really pretty, scenequeen
scottthomascarlin, serious, sex baby,
sexy, sexy as hell, sexy long hair, so r u cutie,
soo cuteee, stunningly beautiful,
sweet, sweetest girl eva,

thank you darlin, thanks u add me,
thanks u r too, thanx sexii, totally edible
ty gorgeous, ty wish i was a girl,
u like naughty men, u lok hot,
u r so delicious omg, ur really cute girl,
ur sexy as hell girl, very beautiful,
very cute, very cute and pretty,

very lovely honey, very pretty, very sweet,
wana c u naked, wanna text,
want 2 lick ur clit, want u on me bby,
wants u so bad, wats ur number,
whatacutie, whatgreatlipsyouhave,
wow babe ur gorgeous, yumity yum yum yum,

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