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Depression and Suicide - Myths and Facts

Myths and Facts...

1. Myth : A person that says that is going to commit suicide is seeking for attention
Fact : That one is a old one, in any case DO something about it
Do not sit and wait for anything to happen. Take it seriously !

2. Myth : People with mental disorders are seen as crazy, etc...
Fact : I heard this one myself a couple of times,
It is not a pleasant thing to hear....
We all have troubles in life, some have mental disorders.
As disorders, problems or diseases they have to be treated or controled.
If it is a problem like any other, why SO much judging?

3. Myth : Someone who attempted suicide might not attempt again.
Fact : No, it's not always like that.
A person who attempted suicide
CAN and MIGHT attempt again
You never know.

We particularly have times
When we can be and find ourselves in a stable condition
And then have relapses,
Those triggered by something
(a event, memories) or someone.

Some relapses (also known as breakdowns)
Can be serious and lead people to think incorrectly
And act in impulse!

4. Fact : People who attempt suicide do not want to die
...They just want to end the pain they are feeling
Which is most likely to be temporary.

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