quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

Death or Afterlife

So my question is ...

What do you imagine
Death to be?
Just eternal sleep
Being someone who can watch other people as a spirit?
Afterlife ? Heaven or H?

I am Christian yes.
Again, I respect other beliefs and so.
However the Heaven and Hell part
Are too much mentioned and people say they exist
Without actually some visiting it.
If we go to the logycal part of religion
Then who knows? Are we to believe
Without raising any curious questions?
By that, no offence okay...

Do you think there should be
A place for someone to be blessed for Eternity?
Or another for punishment and suffering?

Isn't our life composed with those both parts?
If so, how come when we die we go to only one place?
If we have and do GOOD and BAD actions
REMARKABLE actions and SINS ?
I believe there should or will be a place
Shaped with what we have done...
Not fully good or perfect...
Not fully evil or punishing...

As for another life?
Why would that even be?
I'ld be happy with One Life well spent. (L)

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