quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Wake up Call II

One day, the nurse appeared
And I asked her what happened
She said "You were hit by a car..."
It was something diferent from the other reality I knew
Two old ladies tried to support me that time.
Less than a week later, the nurses called me
Gave a robe and a wheelchair. I had been transfered.

New place. Nice people.
I could wheel around in there.
Then I used another thing,
But I was still getting used to it...
My mom was able to appear more
And explained me the situation in detail.

-- I was crossing the crossroad to the mall
I was with my mp3 on and two sirs in a jeep
Like this one...

Did not saw me...and I was knocked out by it
She said according to them that I said my name
Then went unconcious --

Afterwards :
I spent two weeks in total in there
Did a exam in my head (it was swollen)
Got a tooth removed.
Music was still my company in those times.
I missed my friends and family
I missed my home.

Back at home :
My hip was still injured but it recovered
After some time.
I was glad to be alive at least
I learned once
Not to take things for granted...

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