quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Wake up Call I

My turning point...
It was May 19th.
Or so they said...

...I woke up at a hospital bed
I couldn't turn my head...
Otherwise I'd start feeling dizzy
Like I was going to fall...
My first reaction was to look to everything that surrounded me
Curtains, IV, few people around me in other beds.

I looked at my wrist...
The orange bracelet had my full name,
Adress, my mom's number and my age...
I was...confused... (???)

"18? I turned 18 already?"
I started to check my body.
I had a sort of reduced robe covering me along the sheets.
My finger had a wound, still a scar today
I had a IV (I think it's called IV in english)
Attached to my other wrist...I wouldn't eat much.

My hip was hurt, I could barely move it
My head was hurting like hell...
I couldn't remember anything...
The more I tried, the more my head would hurt.
All was foggy...memories were distant.

Then I checked the small table next to me
There was my suitcase, and a big brown envelope.
More information was there, I needed to know...
...Head trauma.

I had to almost all the time
Stay in that bed and push the bottom
A nurse would appear in case I needed anything...
I only saw my mother once per day for some minutes.

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