sábado, 2 de outubro de 2010

POV : Religion vs My beliefs.

Not all people think the same way
And they might disagree with me even
By that I mean whoever reads this.

I'm someone who supports,
In fact I support love in any ways
Not stuff like "lust",
But love which is a rather diferent thing.
Something true and pure.

Everyone has the right to be happy
With whoever they want to be happy with
Either it's a guy or a girl
Or two girls / two guys.

Yet people come and judge about it ;
Even so called religious people...
I think they're passing the wrong message.

God teaches how to love, not how to hate
Teaches how to be humble, not how to be greedy
Says to help others.
Shows how to forgive and seek forgiveness

And not the opposite.

Another question...

My opinion on that...
Not everything is a sin.
I think people go way far on that.
And for me, there is only one someone who can judge.
That, according to my beliefs, is God.

It's like,
"When you throw a stone to judge on someone
Make sure your hands are clean first".

Sins can be fixed, but you have to be honest
On the fact that you won't do the same again
Or that you learned something (positive)
After doing the wrong thing.
You have to mean it, for forgiveness.

Those 7 sins?
Everybody has commited at least one.
If we were to go by those...
We would all be in...that "H" place.

And yes, I'm Christian.
But that does not mean I agree
Or do everything that the Church says.
I pray, yes, it's not exactly everyday
I skip once in a while (due to tireness)
And He will know it and understand,
I make it up the next day.

...I don't go to Church at Sundays
I spend some time with my family
Or with persons I like / care about.

...I don't force anyone with my religion
Everyone has the right to choose.

I wasn't baptized.
If He is really watching me,
He knows how I was born.
No one was really thinking about it...
Yet I know I can still fix that.

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