quarta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2010

Pov : What would you do...?

" What
...Do for someone
... You care about and like? "

That will be my question for you now
And I shall give the answer below...
A : If it is someone I care about
I do my best to be around and support
As I would certainly like to have the same :,)
That is a first.

Second, Contact...
If he/she is near me, I'd go out
Just for a fun time
Or if the person needs to talk with me.
I just don't leave people behind
I don't go and forget people, unless they want me to.
I won't walk out of his/her life, unless they want to,
Unless they hurt me or if I die.

Third, Sacrifice...
They say there is one person in the world
You would sacrifice your life for...
1. So I'ld do so for my mom.
Then I'ld add to those,
Whoever I love trully. (L)
And my two faithful best friends.

[Mya - My best friend for 6 almost 7 years.
Dip - I hope life someday gives us
The chance to meet eachother
You both helped me through rather dificult times
So I'm thankful and wishing you the best]

Forth, Surprise...
I suppose I would do so
A visit, a letter, a gift, a call...
Something as a reminder...
Something for people to know I'm there
That I care and mainly for them to know
That they are not alone :3 (L)

p.s. I shall add that
...I sometimes secretly wish people could give value
To what I try to do and show...
And notice that I sometimes treat them the way
I'ld somday like to be treated as well.

Sixth, Advice...
Last but not least
Helping, advicing the person(s) ~
In a certain choice or subject

* If it is a rightful path to support

* If it is a "wrong" path, to open his/her eyes
And show possible reasons for the wrong
Then it'll be up for the person
To decide on what to do...

This was my opinion on this matter
I shall write more posts tomorrow
Take care ! **

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