domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

Pov : The One.

I decided to write this, I really felt like it
The sun shines today without fears
And I feel a little bit better

I'm starting to think the weather has quite a roll
On my depression...
And some post-accident things.
So as I'm feeling slightly better...

の の
  へ ς੭ ?

I'm going to leave two questions here
For whoever sees this...

Q: What makes someone so special...
What is your definition of the "One?"

Then I'll post my answer here...

A: I suppose we all know people aren't perfect
Personally, I don't go for muscles and abs.
I don't go for a body . We'll all get old.
A face is not THAT important...
I mentioned this in one of my proses...

Althought you're beautiful [message] inside and out.
[You actually should/have to recognize it more often...]
Even if I have to say it everyday to him.

I see the personality.
I don't go much nor I'm into agressive or flirty guys
I don't see myself as easy kind of girl
But as the cautious...lets say...locked up type.

[Yes, if the readers didn't know,
Now you know...I'm a girl.
A foreign girl].

I prefer someone who is actually caring,
That romantic "crap".... [actions then words]
Who is there for me
And that is faithful...
[I just hate it being used as an object
Or being betrayed in some way]

And I do know there aren't much boys like
What describe.

He does not have to fake
He can be himself, style, attitudes, etc.
If you do/can accept me ,
I accept you.

What I ask is for the person not to hurt me
Even if you decide to leave or give up
Even if you make me cry ...
[Which happened quite some times]
...I'll still be loving you.

Bottom line :
I don't want anyone
To just have "fun" or get psysical with
Or spend some time with.
I intend on sharing
And spending my days,
My life with someone.

The One in one word?
If he ever comes across this... :
You .

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