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Pov : Long Distance

" I fear no distance...
I fear no diferences between us "

This is a subject that people discuss
And talk about quite often.
What? LDR's.
I personally think each case is diferent
I can't say to someone's face that will surely work
Or surely fail. It depends.

It can be...
1.1. - Distance from state to state
1.1.1. - Distance from city to city
1.1.2. - Distance from country to country
1.1.3. - Distance from continent to continent

What I don't like it's when people bash
Someone who is in such situations...
It depends of whoever is on them.
And I've seen/heard quite some...
...Arguments from people :

1. You can't see nor touch the person...

2. It's NOT possible to fall in love
With someone FAR away

3. It just won't work!

4. It's a online thing...

5. Either jobless or underage people
Are not adviced
to maintain something as a LDR...

6. Part 1 : Why aren't you interested in someone
From your own city/country ?

Part 2 : You're beautiful,
We could go out at night have a drink
On the weekend and have some fun.

Part 3 : (leaves phone number)

7. The person can cheat or find someone else.

" I believe in Love, so I am supportive.
I think I already mentioned
In one post in this same page
Called Religion versus My Beliefs
You may check it out if you want... "

Now answers from my point of view.

1. Alright, can't touch...
Is it everything in a relationship?
Some people don't even expect to be in such situation
Of distance. It happens.
In those cases let's face it...
Tecnology can be and is helpful.
Even letters are.

+ Language isn't a barrier either
As most countries or people learn english
And even if that's not the case,
They could learn eachothers language.

+ You should ask yourself if you're willing
1.1. To wait
1.2. To move to another city/state/country.
Someone has to take that step I believe...

2. It is possible and it happens.
Some just don't find love or "true love"
In their own city even country.

3. This one is really common...
It won't work if you're either not dedicated
If things aren't discussed between the two persons
If one stops believing/ loses faith.
Because it can work with pacience, comunication
Trust and effort.

4. This is even more common.
I've seen/ heard this one a lot.
I already stated some of my points of view above
Whoever says that, either...
1.1. wasn't in that situation yet
1.2. or had something that failed.

But like I said previously,
It depends of the persons in it
And of the points I said above too
(Trust, effort, comunication, pacience)

5. "Are not adviced" ...
They could even work
But it would something rather tough to maintain.
Not impossible, tho.

6. Part 1 : Just not interested.
Like I said things DO happen
And a person is not forced to fall in love
With someone from the same country or city.

Part 2 and 3 : No.
For me that seems like a convo
From someone who wants a flirt and such...
I personally do not approve, nor my conscience does.

7. Unfortunately, there is that possibility.
But we trust enough not to.
One who loves is faithful...
Otherwise I don't think it was the true, real love....

I shall leave some quotes and such...

" Love knows no bondaries.
Love knows no distance
Is not judging and selfish either ".

" Out of sight is just...
Out of sight.
Never out of someone's heart ".

"If it is meant to happen,
Sooner or later...
God will allow it to happen ".

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