segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

POV : Depression and Suicide

"It's been a year.
But i'm not giving up.
I mean, contemplations and thoughts still exist
I still think of IT..."

This must and will be treated.
With time and in the right place.
Therefore, we must not lose hope.

* You, Me and to Anyone out there :
You are LOVED! (L)
It doesn't matter if it is only one
Or two persons
They care!
In case you're a christian/believer,
He cares too (L)

* Wait for better times and believe
You'll be rewarded.
There is still happiness out there
More than finding it, we have to want it.

* Don't do it...!
The pain you have will go to the ones that love you
They will miss you a LOT
Maybe more than you think!
They might get depressed as well
Or even traumatized ;
If not for you, keep living for others.

* You are meant to be more
And to do something great
We all walk this place and live for a reason
Even if your mind is too clouded to see it.

* Being born is already one of many victories.
So don't waste your life away
It's permanent and once done
- No changes can be done
- What about what you enjoyed?
You can NO LONGER do it!

* So think about this.
There is no need in planning life / future by the months and years
Day by day establish a goal/goals.
Anything, simple things :
-- Like going out even if you feel like staying home
-- Going for a walk or out with friends
-- Playing a game or sports
-- Doing voluntary work or something for the help of others
(They will thank you)

The point is to keep the mind focused and busy.
You need to do something against that...
Not just the professional help alone;

* Look for the friend who is there for you
Not the ocasional or the one for party times
But the one who is supportive and actually cares for you
Unconditionally for both good and bad times.

This is a disease, so don't let it beat you
Don't let it poison your thoughts
Death is definetly NOT an option or a way out!
You are stronger than that.

* I shall leave an interesting quote
Somehow related to this subject... :

"You were only given this life
Because you are strong enough to live it."

It was sent to me by Creativity Crazed
While I was having some breakdowns myself
p.s.: Sorry for any typos
I'm not english, I'm portuguese
But anyways do take care **

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