quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Pov : Bullying VII (Final Part)

12. Things were getting better.
I risked on a poetry contest...won the first place.
They would give me credits
and apreciate that I wrote poetry
My classmates would say that
I was good at that, PT and English.
Some started to support me.
It was already known that
I still was attending the psychologist...

13. There she told me that I was sad for a long time,
That it was not normal anymore...
Life was going well for me
Except the scars from bullying gave me dificulty to trust
I was often a loner
And most of my poems reflect a piece of that...
Or a certain chapter of my life.

"...My work was not in vain.
...My pain was not in vain.
...My purpose was found".

14. I went to Estágio
(Working experience before finishing highschool)
Things got better, I met new people.
Had my amongst of frustrations,
But I was welcome in there
I felt like I belonged.
For 3/4 months I was there.

15. The Accident and Recovery.
I shall talk about it on another post...
My classmates would call me (like 2 or 3 called)
My teacher called, he was the one
Who told the rest of the class that I was in hospital;

They welcomed me back.
By the end of the grade,
Near the final presentation they stood by My side
Saying it would be alright
(Even the two guys who tormented me)

I was going back and foward,
Back and forward and was clearly nervous.
I suceeded in the presentation.
We all went through separate ways since.

I wasn't bullied again in there.
The staff, the teachers
And all would respect me.
Same with students.
I was done with high school.


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