quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Pov : Bullying V

"Too... late...
So tired!
It's time to DO something...?

4. I started attending in 10th grade the school psychologist.
Actually, it wasn't the nicest thing.
I appeared at her office crying my eyes out.
That's how we met eachother.
She was with me for three years.
...I was getting first steps to a depression
I used to self harm as a coping method (cutting)
Because I honestly prefered to just...suffer physically
Than psychologically.
Everything was affecting me...from home...to school
Even my bf at the time, it was like nearly perfect the first months
But after the 6th month, we argued a lot.
I would go meet him near his classroom
He knew it and would leave me there waiting while he was playing on the pc.
Once he texted one of my commited friends instead.
And was capable of not saying anything for weeks and weeks in a row...

5. 12th Grade...almost over?
Depression got worse...
Near the end of 11th grade (May 2009) my bf broke up with me
The feeling was gone he said...11 months I was with him
It took four hard months to recover.
But to be the cherry on the damn top...
One of my "classmates" started to send me rude papers
Saying bad things about me...my style...
Another one of my classmates caught me with a bloody jacket sleeve
And confronted the other girl who sent the papers.

My style was changed again...I was losing the dark colors...
I still listened to the bands.
Once I gave one Slipknot song for them to listen
They were like "Eww...". Oh well...

6. Sick...about physical Ed.
I hardly managed to attend the classes...
On 10th grade to make it up to the things that I failed (grades)
I had to do works, so I had like up to 4 or 5 theorical works to do.
I made them. I had a theorical test too...which I failed a couple of times.
Last time? I studied hard and got a 15 (from 0 to 20 scale)
I done the P.E. things later then others, but made them
Same with math. I had the 3 of 3 modules to do.
I done them all. One in 10th,
Other in 11th and the last in 12th grade.

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