quinta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2010

Pov : Bullying III

" Revolved and sad
You never took your time to know...
The real "Me" "

End of Vacations. New school, new faces.
Fresh start? I eventually changed.
I was between agnostic and atheist.
My thoughts? No one was there for me when I was nearly beaten up.
People were there and did nothing.
Not even on the bus stop. Nor in the bus.

People just watched me being made fun of,
The guys pulling my hair...
So I stopped believing someone would be there
Or looking after me.
I started to change...my style became darker.
I started to...listen to other bands
Not the "trendy" things anymore.

My class was like 2 or 3 groups.
So I met some people...it felt so right first.
Until I found out they were making fun of me already
I was the reason for their laughters.
And ...It was behind my back!
When I knew that, I stop being with them.
Only one person in there was supportive
The rest laughed of me (we were 20 in total)
The girls a grade ahead of me made fun of me
They would bring me down as well
Mostly due to my looks.
Then due to my way of walking.

Met my so called first bf who messed me up
By using me. Then another thing
I didn't understood was
That my classmates when they had a bf/gf
No one would made fun of them or comment much.
They would wish them to be happy
...But when I had someone by my side
People would comment even spread rumours.
That happened to the person
I was with after some time.
People were nosey. People were...mean.

I just was myself.
I wasn't messing around with anyone.
Those things alone were hurting me,
So I isolated.

More actions?
Some would leave me behind in Psysical Ed
No one would be pairs with me.
They would give excuses.
I wasn't perfect nor moved like the rest.
But I wasn't rude to anyone...
It was NOW the school subject I hated the most....

I will continue
On another post

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