terça-feira, 19 de outubro de 2010

Pov : Best Friends II

I needed some time
To think through about this subject...
My definition before it turned out
To this one on the previous post
Has gone through many changes ;

Explanation :
As we developt or even face certain situations
Our thoughts change
And we all end up growing up.
At least that happened to me...

I had quite some "backstabbing" situations,
Mind me to say it
It is awful the "knives in your back" sensation...

But it has a lesson along with it :
Never fully trust people specially
If you don't know them for THAT long.
People can be unpredictable.

So, in any case of a back stabbing,
Use those "knives"
1. To learn something out ofthe mistake,

2. Seek for strength and ...

3. Mostly , to learn as well to try
And put sometimes yourself first.

Don't make a priority...
Someone who considers
You an option

From someone who was gave a lot of value
To people who didn't even gave me half of it.
It doesn't make any sense for me to help someone
Who used me as a "punching bag",
Taking all the negativity
and agressive behaviors on me.

Now people,
* If you are facing this either just drop it...
Or let the so-called person calm down
and put his/her ideas in order.
* Don't ever put the blames on yourself.

Speaking by experience,
I did not blame myself in 100%
The other person was wrong.
What I could not avoid was a crisis after.
People...It's just not worth that, believe me!

Finally, you may ask ...
Or wonder if I have a best friend...
I do...have three persons
Really important in my life...

* Key...
Who is really special... (L)
More than a best friend,
I love him lots... (K)

* Dex,
Who was often supporting me
He is caring and he rocks :,)
We started talking on hi5
And still talk until today

* Jordan,
Nerdy boy as I used to call him
He is inteligent, caring and random.
We started talking on myspace
And still do until today
We only do not talk on skype
Because mine got ruined :/ lol

* Marisa...
From here, who I know for 7 yrs.
Met her at school due to some coins x,d
Long story (lmao :o)

And as for the rest,
I will keep them in my mind.
You special people
Will know who you are !! (L)
Have a nice day ! ***

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