sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Old Fashioned III

As for the relatioships topic...
What she was warning about...
Yes, I can get hurt and heartbroken.
Hurt and used? Possible too, everything is possible
I mean, people can be unpredictable ;

I am old fashioned because I don't want someone
To have fun or a "night stand" with (I have self respect)
I don't go much for flirting either.

What I search is for someone with
(I don't say much similar "old fashioned" thinking as I have)
But with good intencions.
I bet no one aims to get hurt (or hurt someone)
But to be happy

Because barriers?
That can gone and over with.
But happiness?

They only start and trouble you
And get the best out of you
Once you start believing in
What or who is trying to push you away
From what you want...
Then it is doomed.
Because what you wanted
Was replaced by what others want and tell you!

What I search or wait for.
That is why I want to
If possible is to spend and share
My Life with someone
Someone I can share good times
And troubled times with.
My fears and who actually knows me.
Someone I don't have to fake a smile to ;

(Some cute images that I found
Related or not...)

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