domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

Learning to Forgive?

Well... before I write my thoughts on the matter
I want to leave you a question
It is personal at the same time I must add...

If someone hurt you
And you hurt year after year...
Would you be able to put things behind your back
And forgive ?

...My point of View now :
We personally aren't forced to forgive
But I'm not a person of "revenges" and "paybacks"
So I kept it a little inside of me.
I still dwell around this.
I don't say for you to take all the pain out from you
All at once, but slowly starting to forgive

I know it is hard, still until today
I am recovering from self esteem issues
Due to bullying.

I did not cut fully the contact
I had with those classmates
Many went through separate ways
Which is helpful for my recovery
Talking/writing it out is helpful as well
I won't be able to get rid of problems that formed in years
In few sessions/appointments.
I'm trying to get help whenever and wherever I can
I advice you to do the same and to reach for friends
In case anything happens someone will catch you
And hear you.

I am trying to forgive
My religion teaches to forgive
And love. So I'm taking my steps for so.
With due time and support I will do this.
And I believe in you to do the same

p.s.: Any doubt envolving, God , religion and such
Search here :) -

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