sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Unforgetable Words...

I have been thinking (again)
And have a question for you...

What was/were the best words
Someone has ever told/write to you?

I'll speak from my point of view now...
Those were trully amazing *

1. When I met someone ;
He was like older than me, but he was cool.
So we talked for some time, until I had to go.

He said :
"Today I was expecting to meet a young girl, a teenager.
But instead, today I met a woman".

2. This was from someone special...
In one random day I was looking for to, you know, change my look
My hair would go down until my upper back ;
So I wanted to cut a little bit...
But things went wrong and the person cut my hair until my neck
And obviously it kinda shook me up...

So that person told me :
"Not even if you were bald
You'ld still be (or was it look?) pretty"
He is trully amazing...

3. This was from my friend LenAmurita
I wrote a truth in a app on myspace ...

Her reply :
" I'm thankful for the chance that life
had gave me to meet you,
you really are amazing,
the best,cute,sincere,honest,
friendly,truly beautiful inside and out,
you have a smile
that can ease someone's heart and soul,
I wish for one day to someone
who you truly love to recognize your soul
and your genuine smile,you're a great friend,
glad I've met you,
thanks for coming into my life,
since I've lost a friend of mine years ago,
I was sad and felt like I've lost something,
a part of me,we were very close,
it was so much fun being with her...
but due to circumstances
our friendship had been lost forever,
but you've had given that feeling once again,
the feeling of joy,friendship,
I enjoy being with you,you can count on me,
I wont ever let you alone=)
*we're unite*and together we stand*
count on me always my friend* ".

4. From a youtube user :
" Thank you for being my friend!
God bless you abundantly with overwhelming joy and love! "

5. From another youtube user :
(Acts 2:38 KJV)
" Then Peter said unto them, Repent,
and be baptized every one of you
in the name of Jesus Christ
for the remission of sins,
and ye shall receive
the gift of the Holy Ghost. "

6. I had a lot of support from some youtubers
Which I have apreciated a lot ;
Mostly were christians...*

7. From another fellow christian
And a good friend

" Thank you Silvy
You are such a very sweet
and lovely young lady
with so much to give the world.
Your beauty is not only on the outside
but on the inside as well.
I am so happy to know you.
You are very special.
I know Jesus has plans for you!!
You are so smart, sweet,
and lovely I feel you have a bright future ahead.
I love you! Hugs and much love, kathy ".

8. From a christian and priest
" I hate to hear that but I am praying for you.
We are still going through a storm,
Jesus is taken us by the hand and bringing us to the other side.
On 9/13/10 are oldest girl went home to Jesus.
But, I am blessed and highly favored thanks to Jesus.
I might not always look or feel like it,
but I have Jesus
I know everything is going to be ok.
He loves you the same way you are his.
Seek GOD, keep praying, read his word,
and he well see you through this.
May Jesus shower blessings on you
and all those that you love.
GOD bless you Sister.
Love your Brother David ".

9. A good friend from church (Obr.Catarina)
Told me :
"Os problemas os fracos são as pedras
do caminho dos fortes"

Have a great day, you're a wonderful person
And thank you (L) ! :,)
May our paths cross again.
Take care and God bless you**

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