domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010


As you may check in some posts
(Old Fashioned I,II and III)
You can see parcially my point of view.

Again, I can say it :
I am not totally against flirting,
I did it like only once I think....
It's not my style much,
If you read with enough attention.

I am not into temporary much things.
And I have some self respect
So I won't lower my level.
I will not and you won't see me exposing my body
Or intimacy with someone
I do not know or do not have feelings for.
Simply : That's not me.

However, there are persons who flirt
I do not like nor want that in my side
I hate the winkings and almost fake compliments
With second intencions.
If I do not reply with any enthusiasm
Then all it is said
If you cross the limits I will block and delete.
Point done.

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