quinta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2010

Chapter One

School was tough.
Well let's be specific, people were.
Many times I wanted to skip class...but I couldn't.
In that time I had suicidal thoughts already on 9th grade
(Due to that day when
I was nearly beaten up at the bus stop)

Through out the years....
The thoughts stood there.
I thought pessimistic
Was a part of my personality.

Oh lord. It.just.wasn't!
Don't convince yourself of that like I did......
Like people made me saw constantly...

And that's how my “self consciousness”
Was badly born.
Don't go for the same mistake...do not listen

Try to embrace your imperfections
And your so called flaws seen
and pointed by others.
Someone out there loves you or will love you.
Or will at least accept you. (L)

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