sexta-feira, 22 de outubro de 2010

Chapter IV

"So drop the little razor
And pick up your Life
Forget about your pain and your strife"

Relapse xxxxxx
...I wish it was that easy ;
Not the actual drop the razor point
But what comes along with it...
It is tempting...

My head is messing me up
I'm sad during most of the day
My energies are drained
I feel like I died
Dead already
Long ago....
And I either want to recover myself
Or else. It is confusing!

Then I don't know...
I've been reading several articles
Which still try to make me feel a litle down to earth
I've been trying to stabilize too.
I believe that as long as I try to write it out
Here mostly. Talking it out...
And holding on, that I'll be stable.

Now to some quotes and such...

"Let's take control over our Lives
And not allow the opposite to happen ".

"Never give up" - Winston Churchill.

"Most difficult decisions is deciding
Which bridges to cross
And which bridges to burn ".

This last one was from someone
On this site...I mean the site...
I saw several websites...
Kinda make people wake up in ways.
I don't want to hurt people ;

Plain simple :
I just want my depression to end.
The website I don't recall the name of the 1st

But the second was this one :


Do not judge because of the name.
It has...wise words in it.
And due to those words I decided
To share it with you * take care...

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