domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Beyond Reason II

I felt like I could talk and open up,
I got to know more and new people.
And amongst the people
...I found my best friend !

Who was happy to see me.
She smiled and we hugged eachother.
I met another person, then.
We talked. She took me to the bathroom.

There stood a mirror on the wall...
Another chalenge...
She said I had to convince myself
That I was pretty
(I have and had problems with self esteem and such)
So she told me to look at the mirror, closely.

She said :
"There I see a beautiful girl!
A girl who is capable of things
A girl with a purpose
And whose life is going to get better
I know it!
And you have to believe in it
(Along other things...)"

She said then to say that
"I was thankful to God for being that beautiful"
And I got shy... until I said it.
She told me to do that every day.
They say they want to help me
Without asking anything much in return
Or anything at all.

They added that I will have a purpose.
I will be sucessful in Life
That I must believe in Him (...)
I felt a little better afterwards.

Just know that I am trying to pick up
The pieces of my Life...
Not to fear a possible Future
And not to be SO afraid of Loving someone
Or even of being Loved...
The reason that has been blocking me...
From loving someone
Is a big nearly unexplainable fear

...Beyond perhaps reason itself.
I can't be defeated.
I can't allow this to take the best of me.
I can't give up and put things to waste.

It was a good experience
I intend on going there more often
They are expecting me to appear more too...
Tomorrow perhaps.

In the end me and my best friend left
We talked more and then
Went through separate ways
I will go there tomorrow again. (L)

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