domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Beyond Reason I

I would like to share something
Although I don't have a clue
If whoever reads this is Christian or not.
But I am one.
For some reasons, some personal...
...Others beyond reason itself.

You may think I am fool...
I do question myself why am I alive
I had quite some chances of dying.
People say I walk here for some purpose.
So I'm starting to believe as well.
I think I told previously...

Today I was to go to see this group...
I arrived late to where me
And my best friend were supposed to meet
The other time I went back home.

This time it was diferent I was there,
I wouldn't just give up
I asked people about the group
And they had no clue,

So I kept walking and kept walking...
At last I saw this temple in ways...
This building I could see people inside
And outside of the building;

I asked myself...
If that was the place
My best friend told me about...
Then the sun started to hit me in the face,
Only on that side of the road, in there, at me.

I was staring a lot,
And asked myself "Is it here..."
The sun kept shining
And I was like "Maybe it is here..."

I was unsure,
I was almost leaving until this guy
Found me and asked if I would like
And if I was interested to see/know that place.

I stopped for a second or two...
I replied , looking at him:
- I don't know.

He asked me if I believed in God.
I said :
- Yes.

He tried to convince me saying
It would be nice
And that maybe I would like that place.
So I went ; I had nothing to lose.
He asked what were my troubles...
I said: " I have depression--- "

He replied:
"Your depression has ended.
It ends TODAY!, NOW!".

I was shocked...
Honestly because I have it over a year already
And someone tells me that all of a sudden....
It surprises me because I've been struggling
And trying to beat it for a long time.

I met a girl after who talked with me a while
And took me where a meeting was happening
Speeches, prayers and blessings
Where taking place too.

People were listening faithfully and closely.
First time so I was really shy...
Some people tried to bless me.
Others prayed.

Then there was a part where they were singing
And dancing, even.
It was fun and people seemed happy.
...Beyond words.

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