segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

Info and Support Links...

I was around the internet...
I've found some stuff that can be interesting
And helpful in some way. :)
So, I decided to write today
In order to share it with you (L)

Important Note !
The material belongs
To it's rightful owners
No copyright infringment intent .
I shall leave the links in here :

Self injury:

Links :

Non profit organizations or forums
They are mostly in english...


(The first non profit organization
I saw and heard stuff about)



(Contains some basic informations
And first-aid info to burns/self injury as well)

Videos :

(I found this video has around
150 suggestions of stuff to do instead of cutting)
By recoveredcutter

(Think before cutting. It is kinda sad...but true.
Doesn't contain triggering images)
By recoveredcutter


Links :


+ (In Portuguese)


(In Portuguese)

(In "Portuguese" from Brasil)

To be honest I am thankful
That there are more people that understand
And that actually do something to help others
...Who are in these situations.
To whoever reads this I sincerely hope it helps
And that is one step for your recovery
A wake up call. A helping hand.
If you need someone, I'll be your friend :)
Take care!! :D

p.s.: In case someone does wonder why I only or mostly
Write about these subjects...
It's because I went through them
In some parts of my life.

For instance, I can't talk much about other situations
As eating disorders or mental disorders...
Because I haven't got much through them.
In any case I can leave some links or even videos
Of those. But I'll check first
Then I shall post in case I find them useful;

p.s.: Sugestions or comments, etc
Are more than welcome.
Rude comments and such will be deleted.
Take care ! **

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