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About Depression...

[English Only]
I'm not sure if anyone can relate to it.
I do know, no doubt that there might be people
Struggling with this...

Small story :
+8 yrs with school bullying
+constant argues at home
+loss of best friend

Symptoms/ Consequences :
+ loss of self esteem
+ self hatred/guilt even self harm
+ suicidal thoughts and attempts
(contemplations...cutting once & drowning attempt twice)

+ loss of interest in doing activities
(writing wasn't something I enjoyed at the time...
I used to love it...
Along with gaming something I quit)

+ being tired most of the time
(there were times when I woke up
that I felt tired already
Or that I only slept)

+ weight loss

+ unexplainable pain
(something I didn't know
I only found out when I was diagnosed
in my case it was pain on my chest and back)

+ feeling of wanting to cry
sometimes not knowing why.

+ isolating from friends
and some more stuff...
anxiety crisis and breakdowns

On the other hand,
There wasn't any drop in my grades
I was still a student with average to good grades.
On another post I shall write my point of view about it.

Wrong things! :
- Not listening, not supporting
Whoever has depression needs support.
- We do not fake and we are not drama persons.
- Telling us to get over it
And to smile won't solve anything.

What to do...
- Listen (more than talking)
- Search or help that person
to get proper professional support
- Try to go out with
And DO NOT let the person isolate
Once the person isolates
Worthlessness and suicidal thoughts can arise.

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